Couples Counseling

I find it exciting to help couples get their relationship back on track. It is common for couples to struggle for years before finally seeking professional help. I am eager to help couples, at any stage in their relationship, to reduce conflict, improve communication and be happier with themselves and their partner.

I offer effective counseling services for couples including:

Premarital education
Couples can be happier and avoid many common relationship mistakes by getting personalized premarital education. I customize this service to address individual and couple circumstances, personality traits, strengths, and areas needing improvement.

Relationship problems
I assist couples in clearly understanding and changing patterns that breakdown their relationship. With regular relationship coaching, couples can experience more happiness and satisfaction with each other.

Divorce prevention
I help couples or individuals identify and change factors that can contribute to deterioration in the relationship. Strategies to avoid divorce, with implementation and follow-up are the focus of this service.

Coping with divorce
The divorce process can be much less traumatizing for clients and their families with effective, results-oriented therapy. I help clients recover more quickly and avoid costly mistakes.

Marriage revitalization
Did you know that marital satisfaction does not have to decline over time? I work with couples to bring back the joy and satisfaction in their relationship. Couples learn to identify factors that contribute to a lackluster relationship. Relationship enhancement skills are cultivated in the therapy process.

Improving communication and conflict resolution skills
Therapy facilitates clean, clear and effective communication between partners. This often has a dramatic impact on the quality of the relationship.

Did you know that if your partner does not want to participate in counseling, you can still work on improving your relationship by coming to counseling alone? Frequently the reluctant partner will decide to join later! Effective counseling can motivate individual changes often noticed by the non-participating partner.

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