Benefits of Therapy

Therapy is a modern tool to help you improve motivation, mood, overall health and happiness. Research indicates that as many as 60% of doctor visits are related to problems that have no cure through medication, leaving doctors and patients feeling frustrated. Combining counseling with medication or counseling alone often can help you manage chronic pain, headaches, irritable bowel, nervousness, depression and low energy.

How does therapy help? It gives you a place to get things off your chest by talking to a therapist who is unbiased and not a family member or friend. You can be sure of confidentiality and know you will be really heard without being judged. Many studies say the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client is where healing and positive change takes place.

In building great relationships with my clients, I try to help them feel comfortable when they come in, especially for the first session. I really listen to my clients in a down to earth way, paying attention to their body language and their mood. I adjust the pace and intensity of therapy based on what will be comfortable for my client. Some clients desire more direction from a therapist while others just want to talk. Some people want to focus on past events while others want to explore the present and the future. At times I incorporate motivational coaching with therapy. For many people, this is energizing. Often, we work on improving personal relationships and examine patterns that may be preventing satisfying relationships.

My experience guides me in giving feedback that is useful to clients while being sensitive to what kind of intervention will be most helpful. Most clients start to feel better after a short time. If you are on medication for anxiety and/or depression, a short course of therapy often will give you better and more lasting results.

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