Am I Having a Mid-Life Crisis?

Many people come to therapy with pervasive feelings of sadness, anxiety, confusion, and dissatisfaction with their job and/or marriage. Not sure why they are feeling unmotivated, frustrated and restless, they consider medication, quitting their job, having an affair or leaving their marriage. Some cope by indulging in self-destructive behaviors such as drinking or overeating. This situation is common in up to 25% of people in th 37-50 year old age group. I help clients determine whether they are experiencing depression, anxiety or a version of mid-life evaluation. Some refer to this as ” mid-life crisis”.

Mid-life evaluation is often associated with emotional turmoil, impulsive behaviors or stagnation. Transitional events such as children leaving home, job loss, signs of aging or health problems can trigger mid-life emotional chaos. Severity of symptoms vary from no mid-life disruption at all to serious depression and anxiety. Counseling is effective in helping people sort out this confusion, clarify life direction and make better decisions. Clients usually feel happier and see new vitality in their life after short-term therapy. Combining exercise, improved diet, intellectual and social stimulation with a positive attitude can make mid-life a time to re-invent yourself for a fulfilling future!

Posted in Anxiety, Depression, Individual Counseling